Scanning Service for Students

Are you sick of dragging heavy textbooks to uni every day and writing quotes and references from scratch?


By scanning those books to an easy to manage digital format, you can jump on the tube without needing an extra seat just for your books. Digital copies will also mean that your quotes and referencing can be done in no time.


Our book scanning services can also aid students with visual impairments, dyslexia or other learning difficulties. Once you have the digitised copy, text can be enlarged or even changed to a more readable font.


Going digital means you won’t miss out on that top grade for the sake of accessing the books you need, the way you need them.


For Parents

By encouraging your children to have their textbooks scanned, you can help them to avoid back problems in later life. Just by carrying a couple of heavy backpacks to the university library can cause damage to a young adult’s spine. This can easily be solved by carrying everything they need on a tablet sized device or even just a simple USB.

Formats we can convert to:

What do we scan?

  • ­ Textbooks
  • ­ Reference Books
  • ­ Lecture Notes
  • ­ Dissertations and Theses
  • ­ University Publications
  • ­ Newspapers


Join the Revolution!

  • You won’t have to carry those heavy textbooks to and from university everyday.
  • You can reference and quote easily without having to write the entire thing out.
  • Avoid losing out when you have limited time with a book.
  • Store your notes digitally for easier access in the future.
  • Safeguard texts for future use.
  • Share important extracts with classmates easily.
  • Write electronic notes on scanned books without defacing the originals.

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London:        0207 183 1885

Free Trial

We offer a free trial scanning service to our prospective clients to their required format as proof of concept. Contact us

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