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Book Scanning Service | London


Scan your books for easier access and let your work be read around the world.


Convert new editions and back lists and re-publish books to sell them online.


Scan large book collections to a secure but accessible format for others to view.


Create a safe and secure digital archive to preserve rare and historical books.


Scanning textbooks to relieve that back strain and speed up essay writing.


Scanning books to PDF, Kindle, Word and more to bring the digital benefits to you.

Book | Magazine | Newspaper | Journal | Manual Scanning service


We are leading providers of scanning services in London. We specialise in the scanning and digitisation of documents, books and microfilm. Our dedicated scanning team have over a decade’s worth of experience working with writers, publishers, editorials, newspapers, universities, libraries and individuals clients to bring their paper based books into the digital era.

We can:

  • Scan any type of books, journals, manual, magazines, newspapers and manuscripts.
  • Convert your scan images into PDF, Searchable PDF, MS Word, Kindle, iBook, ePub, Flipping book, JPEG, TIFF and HTML.
  • Two methods to scan your books: removing the spine (unbound) or keeping them intact (Bound)
  • Convert your books into editable text using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Collect your books anywhere in London and the rest of the UK.

Here are some reasons why you should scan your books:

  • Archiving and preservation purposes 
  • Have a digital copy of your publication
  • Easier access to your libraries
  • Ability to search through pages quicker
  • Digitise to share or sell online
  • Reduce the weight of carrying your books
  • Scan for republication purposes
  • Scan to downsize
  • Scan to re edit text

Why choose us:

For more than ten years we have successfully completed both small and large scale book scanning projects for publishers, writers, archivists, collectors, students and private individuals in London and the South East as well as clients across the rest of the UK

Our scanning bureau operates under 24 hour security and has been custom built around security, safety, confidentiality and scalability. To back up our claims, we hold ISO accreditations for security and quality so your books will be in safe hands with us.

As well as excellent security, our scanning bureau is equipped with the latest scanning technology to capture books of all shapes and sizes in high quality with a quick turnaround. Our audits and quality checks help us to ensure we provide the best possible service to each and every one of our clients and our friendly and experienced scanning professionals can work with you to find the perfect solution to scan your books exactly how you want.

Bound & Unbound Book Scanning

Bound scanning is often the method chosen for rare, delicate or valuable books meaning they remain intact throughout the scanning process. We scan using one of our upright overhead scanners using technology specially designed for bound books up to size A2.

1. Extreme care

2. Reduced lighting

3. Undamaged books

Unbound scanning is the most common method for scanning books where the spine is sliced and removed leaving the pages to be fed into a high speed document feed scanner. Using this method, we can scan larger publications up to A0 in size. 

1. Fast service

2. Low cost

3. Clear results

Formats we can scan and convert to:

How does the scanning process work?


We will work with you to understand your needs so we can tailor our books scanning service to suit exactly what you want. This can be done by email or on the phone.


With our secure nationwide collection service we can collect your books, magazines, newspapers etc. from London and across the rest of the UK.


Depending on which book scanning method you have chosen, we will prepare your books accordingly. For unbound book scanning, we will slice the spines of your books and remove all staples to ensure a smooth scanning process. For bound scanning, the books will remain intact to be placed on our overhead book scanners.


We use the latest scanning technology to scan pages in high quality. For bound scanning, we use overhead book scanners which use less light and heat to protect rare and delicate books. For unbound scanning, we feed each individual page into our ultrasonic, double feed detection document scanners. We can scan books, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts and any other book you need scanning right up to size A2 (bound) and A0 (unbound) in black and white, greyscale or full colour. This also includes the front and back covers.


OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the process of using our technology to recognise the scanned data and convert it into text readable data. This means you will then be able to search and edit your scanned data which helps with editing books and searching through archives for the specific information you need.


Once your books have been scanned and OCR processed, quality checks are carried out to ensure that all of the data has been captured accurately and that we are providing the best possible service for our clients in line with our ISO accreditations. Optical Character Recognition is only 99.9% accurate so these checks will help to make sure we have captured all of the information required.


When your scanned files have been checked for accuracy, they can be converted to your required format such as PDF, PDF searchable, MS Word, Kindle and more. See our formats page for a list of the common formats we can convert to.


We can then deliver your scanned and formatted books through a range of mediums such as on a CD, DVD or USB or through our cloud platform, Pearl Cloud and all data can be encrypted and password protected if required. We also offer image management software to help you to manage and organise large collections of books.


Once you are happy with your digital books, we can either return the original books to you, store them for a longer period or securely shred and dispose of them.

Specialised Scanning Services

Heritage Scanning

Archive Scanning

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